Education Methodology

Springfield's Teaching Method

Bilingual teaching

Implement bilingual teaching in Hindi and English to cultivate children’s confidence in language expression, so that children can use both Hindi & English freely.

Low teacher-student ratio
Teaching with a low teacher-student ratio allows teachers to be more flexible in taking care of the needs of each child.
Amalgamation of different Cultures
The unique multicultural atmosphere provides children with the opportunity to learn and live with classmates from every part of the society.
Improve children’s social and cognitive abilities through games, promote psychosocial development, and allow children to gain self-confidence from games so that they can better adapt to new experiences and environments.
Home education
Early childhood education is an extension of family education. We attach great importance to parent participation and encourage parents to participate in or assist their children in school activities, such as organizing parent committees and caring parent volunteers.
Teaching Learning Strategies: -

Songs & Rhymes

Creative Art & Craft activities

Stage activities: Dancing, Enacting, Rhymes, Skits

Activity-Based: Child-friendly activities

Outdoor activities: Games, swings and ball pool

Puppets: Use of puppetry to conduct classes

Our Team

Springfield World School employs high-quality professionally qualified and dynamic educators , each of whom is passionate about education, fully committed, and rigorously fulfills the mission of the school to ensure that your children can learn under the guidance of high-quality professional educators.